September 30, 2020

Why We Travel

The quest for new experiences is what drives Peter's wanderlust. You're no longer limited to only one page of the book, if your life is filled with travel.

Why We Travel

The world  is  a  book, and those who do not  travel read only a  page.
~ Saint Augustine

38 million Americans went abroad last year and if you include Canada and Mexico the number balloons to 83 million.  That is roughly one third of the entire U.S. population and before you ask yourself, “what’s wrong with the other two thirds?” ask yourself this, “why do so many of us have wanderlust?”

For me, there are a number of reasons why I am passionate about travel. Like many of you, I started young with parents who loved to travel, even with four kids. They were both from the east coast but moved to Denver and my earliest travel memories are annual station wagon driving trips back east. These were wonderful, new sights, new smells, wild blueberries, ocean beaches. I loved ever minute of it. And then there was our month-long journey to Europe when I was 10 years old. Castles, marvelous cheeses, feather beds, town squares, the Eiffel Tower, it was a blur of wonderful new experiences.

I think it is this quest for new experiences that drives my wanderlust. When we were young, new experiences were part of life. New teachers, new schools, new friends, new knowledge. Newness was integrated with our lives and it came at us all the time.

As we grow older, we fall into routines and it is travel that can provide the sense of newness, wonderment, and feeds our curiosity. They say you are only as old as you feel and I believe that those who travel will remain forever young. And through a life filled with travel, we will read the entire book.