VP of Sales & Business Development

VP of Sales & Business Development

My name is Zach Jones. I accepted my dream role at DS back in October 2019. Having  a passion for all things sales, business development, technology and travel it was the perfect fit.

I was born in Muscleshoals, Alabama and raised by the most loving, selfless people you'll ever meet. These were actually my adoptive parents and everyday I'm reminded just how blessed I was. As a result I have developed a strong mentality to never take anything for granted. In 2008, I met my incredible wife Lori and we have two amazing children, John Ross (4 yrs) and Anneliese (2 yrs) and you better believe I remember to count my blessings daily.

I've always loved to say, be curious.

And believe it or not this is how I approach business.  I pursued a degree in professional sales and business negations as I was curious about the process. After graduating from Harding University, I got my start selling medical devices. There was one veteran in particular that I still remember to this day. He had developed ALS and essentially became paralyzed to the point were he could no longer speak. It was so powerful to see how technology could literally give him his voice back - that was when I knew I wanted to do something in tech.

I'm still not exactly sure what steps I took to lead me to the most amazing industry but I would not change a thing! I ended up in private aviation (long story) for awhile and then found a niche in the ultra-lux end of customized travel. It all really fell into play seamlessly. A combination of tech, travel, and sales were written in the cards for me.

Over the last 15 years I have made wonderful connections in all industries and travel is the universal language of everyone I know. I'm thrilled to bring my skill set to a role that I have real passion for. Some of the DS technology was developed after COVID came along and is positioned to help stimulate the travel industry (10% of Global GDP!) It is with great pleasure to roll out our proprietary SMART Analytics for Educating Travelers (SAFE-T).

What’s going on right now is much bigger than any of us. Our tools can help bring back tourism across all borders, colors, religions, and orientations! It could be the start to bringing back jobs to so many struggling within the industry. DragonSlayer wants to get people back out in the world traveling and feeding that curiosity that makes us all better.

Seeing and learning other cultures and their histories is one of our planets most precious resources.

I am so proud to be part of team and an industry that’s fighting to protect it.

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