VP of Operations & Marketing

VP of Operations & Marketing

Hello! I'm Alexis and I joined the DS team back in July 2019. I was thrilled to accept such an innovative position that fused two of my favorite passions: travel and technology!

It's probably safe to assume, I'm the nerdiest out of the whole DS bunch. My ears perk up whenever any of these acronyms enter the conversation; UX, UI, API, CRM, SQL... I can't help but get excited, I love it all!  I discovered my affinity for software and technology at a young age but it wasn't until my arrival in the golden state did a career in travel really enter into my realm of possibilities.

I was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida and pursued a degree in business management from the University of Central Florida. As a proud graduate of the newly founded entrepreneurship program, I took my degree out west searching for my next adventure. Shortly after relocating to Los Angeles, I joined a boutique Virtuoso agency as an executive assistant. I didn't know it at the time but that was the moment I embarked on an exciting career.

Once bit by the travel bug, I never looked back!

I've spent the past decade learning the ins & outs of luxury travel agencies and the technological tools available to this niche market. From commission tracking in Trams to issuing around the world tickets in Sabre. I proudly dabbled in a little bit of everything before embarking on my true calling: developing solutions for the common time sucks and pains that all travel professionals suffer from.

I'm thrilled to be part of the DS team and lead our efforts in building an inclusive and supportive community of Travel Slayers whom utilize Smart Analytics for Educating Travelers (SAFE-T). Now more than ever with our industry struggling; it is time to unite and find a way to help facilitate a safe way to restart international tourism. I invite you to navigate this new era of travel with DragonSlayer and help us ensure we deliver the right information conveniently to your phone or desktop.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”  - Oliver Wendell Holmes

We are all in this together!

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