November 30, 2020


As we hurtle headlong toward the end of this craziest-year-that-any-of-us-will-ever-experience, we wanted to give our thanks and acknowledgements.

Thank you to the countries (and states) who have made the many times difficult decision to reopen to travelers and for using testing protocols to protect your citizens. We in the industry thank you.

Thank you to the airlines who continue to fly more routes than you have to, knowing that the passengers will (and are) coming back.

Thank you to the hospitality companies for keeping open all the fabulous properties worldwide now available to travelers.

Thank you to the DMCs and tour operators who continue to provide wonderfully inspiring, and creative, ideas to helps us to consider traveling again.

Thank you to the travel advisor community for keeping the faith and fighting through this incredibly difficult year. We will bounce back. The work you put in now will be rewarded in 2021.

And finally, thank you to the (hundreds of) subscribers who have already decided to support DragonSlayer in our quest to help get travel back on to its feet, I personally appreciate all your support, emails, and phone calls. It means a lot that our efforts are helping you and your businesses.

In 2021, we will travel again…