November 2, 2020

Just in Time

More island destinations are opening up this past week. And just in time as the weather turns cold and the days get short up north. Plus check out all the changes in store for visitors to the Bahamas.

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer , the weather is turning colder, and many states are implementing new limits and semi-lockdown rules. Which means that perhaps this is the year for a getaway to a warm destination for the holidays, somewhere that offers epic over-water bungalows, or perfect powdery white sands, brilliant aquamarine warm waters, and much lower incidence of Covid-19. Countries that have 3 or 28 or 128 cases. And that’s not just active cases, that’s total cases.

As I have said repeatedly on this blog, travel is not for everyone during a pandemic, it is a deeply personal decision. Each traveler should weigh the pros and cons. And it is completely understandable that many will wait for a vaccine.

For those who are considering travel, quite a bit has changed in the past week.

For those on the west coast, the recent excitement was around Hawaii allowing PCR tests in lieu of quarantines but Tahiti recently made a smart change to their entry protocol this week to smooth the process for travelers. You still need a PCR test within 72 hours of arrival but if you do NOT have the results in time for your flight you may now get a rapid antigen test within 24 hours to allow you to board your flight and enter the country (you still need to show that your PCR test is pending and provide results when received).

Saint Kitts and Nevis reopened to travelers over the weekend. They are a “vacation-in-place” destination that allows full access to a resort’s amenities but they ask that you remain on property for the first seven days and after another negative PCR test on day seven you may leave on certified excursions. Other vacation-in-place destinations include Grenada and Anguilla. The details of their reasonable quarantines may be found in DragonSlayer.

The Bahamas just removed their vacation-in-place quarantine but added a new entry protocol which requires travelers 10 and older to have a negative PCR test within five days of arrival, take a rapid antigen test upon arrival, and have a third test on day five of their visit. As an editorial observation, this is very similar to the highly successful protocol that Bermuda has been using for months. The three-test protocol may become the gold standard now that the use of rapid antigen tests is becoming more widespread.

For those seeking a longer-term option -- maybe to spend their remote work hours in a tropical destination versus a snowy city up north -- we offer Aruba and Anguilla. Both have long term visa programs with one of them offering generous all-inclusive accommodation, meals, and free wi-fi packages. DragonSlayer has those details too! Over the weekend Aruba removed the "hot-spot" state rule meaning all travelers from the U.S. are now treated the same. You can either have a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival or test upon arrival and quarantine for 24 hours awaiting the results.

Finally, some good news for New York travelers or those wishing to visit New York. As of November 4 you may avoid the mandatory 14-day quarantine by showing a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival, quarantining for three days, and then getting a second negative PCR test. It is unclear if this applies to those returning from international travel, we will try to confirm.

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