Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

I was born into a travel-loving family starting with my grandparents and parents who traveled extensively their entire lives. My parents took us to Europe for the month of October when us four kids were between seven and thirteen years old. We traveled all over, visiting castles, beaches, museums you name it and stayed in small villages and ate at local cafes. And since we got to skip school, the impression it left was indelible, I knew I would travel my entire life.

My love for travel solidified on Semester-at-Sea, an around the world college program that went to eleven countries over three months. I went in the pre-internet days so our in-country experiences featured true off the grid adventures enhanced by unchaperoned let’s-see-how-lost-we-can-get college attitudes.

Being a tech guy who also loves travel I felt that the industry had spent the last twenty years focusing on the self-service traveler and wasn’t really catering to the discerning traveler who was seeking unique life-changing experiences, like a water safari in Botswana, washing an orphaned elephant in a river in Myanmar, or getting a private wine tour from a famous proprietor in Bourgogne.

I launched DragonSlayer late last year to help connect people to amazing journeys using analytics and a mobile app.

Of course, something happened in March that put a kink in our business. Since travel represents 10% of the world’s economy if we can figure out a way to travel again, we can jump start the economy and bring back a semblance of normalcy.

I believe comprehensive testing can go a long way to creating safer travel. We are witnessing international destinations opening up to Americans primarily through PCR testing and screening protocols. I applaud these efforts and decided to help fellow travelers and travel professionals find these destinations. DragonSlayer now has the power to show you which countries are open, their entry requirements, and which ones are relatively safer to visit than others.

I look forward to the next chapter of our travel lives. I have been stuck on 43 countries for too long!!