August 19, 2020

It may be safer to travel to Bermuda than the grocery store

How would you know which country is relatively safer than another? DragonSlayer has the way, it’s called Smart Analytics For Educating Travelers (SAFE-T)

It may be safer to travel to Bermuda than the grocery store

We’ve all got the message by now, “wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands” but what if there were places in the world where the Coronavirus is hardly present? And what if you could travel there? There are and you can.

Quite a few countries allow American visitors right now, and some of them are spectacular destinations --Aruba, Tahiti, Croatia, or perhaps Bermuda. All have been lightly brushed by the pandemic and all are using smart policies and testing protocols to ensure that their local populations – and any visitors – stay safe.

Take Bermuda, for instance, a country that has had 158 cases of Covid-19 and now an average of one new case per week. They want tourism to come back but they want to do it in a smart way, so they test, and they test, and they test.

If you want to travel there, the first thing you will need is a PCR test seven days prior to departure with a negative result. Then, upon arrival, you will have a second test and will quarantine in your hotel for 24 hours until receiving your results. You then will have a third test on day four and another on day eight if you stay that long. You get the point, a lot of tests.

Before you recoil at the idea of having your nasal passages poked and prodded to this extent consider this, you will be traveling on a plane full of passengers who also have tested negative. You will be on an island where the Coronavirus is something read about in the papers, not fretted about as we do here in the U.S..
You can actually relax and have a vacation. Please, close your eyes for 30 seconds and picture a white sandy beach with a light breeze and a warm sun. Seriously, try it.

Right, so now what? Well it turns out that there are twenty-two countries open and worth traveling to on vacation. Some, like Bermuda, are doing a really, really good job against the coronavirus, others… well, let’s just say they suffer from the same ills that parts of the U.S. suffer from.

How would you know which is which, which country is safer than the others (because let’s face it, the pandemic is everywhere, it’s a matter of relative safety)? We have a way, it’s called Smart Analytics For Educating Travelers (SAFE-T) and it will change your perspective on travel possibilities. On a scale of 1 to 100 we score countries and states with our proprietary methodology to give you guidance on where you may choose to travel. Bermuda? It scores a 92. Puerto Rico? Sadly, a 9.

We believe that an educated traveler is the best kind and we are doing everything in our power to deliver the most relevant and accurate data. DragonSlayer technology gives insights, information, and up-to-date breaking news on countries and their ever-changing status in these dynamic times.

Give it a try, we're offering a complimentary trial for your first 14 days.

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